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"GINTAMA-Hotel" Conference Hall is the most ultimate and easy solution to hold business meetings and conferences. We understand that a proper organization favors positive and successful decision making. This is precisely why we propose an individual approach to your event holding.



The stylish hall with a total area of 70 sq. m. and table mobility offer the possibility to vary the seat capacity from 30 at the round table to 40 in case of a class seating.
The use of multimedia equipment (projecting camera, screen, notebook computer), Flipcharts and unlimited Internet traffic are included into the Conference Hall rental cost.
"GINTAMA-Hotel" offers catering services required during holding the conference events: coffee breaks and dinners for different events.
“All Inclusive” and VIP Conference packages developed by us will satisfy the most demanding requests. High technologies and irreproachable services are offered for you and your guests.


The proposal for the conference (coffee break)


If the event’s format requires more participating delegates, you are welcome to use the conference hall in 2-A Petrozavodskaya street.




This good-looking atrium hall is used with success for “round tables’, seminars, conferences with 50 participants. Its total area is 300 sq. m. The interior’s elegance is complimented with upmarket furniture of genuine wood and leather. Professional equipment, microphones, broadcasting, audiotaping, booths for simultaneous interpreting (into three languages), coffee breaks – all that is needed for official business events.
The hall rental cost is UAH 1,000 per hour.
Catering is available.
The team of professionals will help you to fulfill successfully the set aims and tasks.


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